Author Unknown / Mean / July - August 2000

Harmony Korine, in true cinema outlaw fashion, responded to our question regarding his current projects with a snide “suicide in order to rid myself of these meaningless questions. No one deserves anymore pats on the backs. We’ve all worshipped these peoples whose backs have sores from your pats.”

Well, that’s okay, because we know what Mr. Korine is up to. He’s been down in Kentucky assisting Gus Van Sant on the production of a film which he authored, he’s about to begin work on his own project and he’s penned the upcoming Larry Clark movie. Harmony also just had a big art show in L. A., where he had the A-list Hollywood hipster elite drinking water instead of wine and staring at soft-core porn photos of Macaulay Culkin with the sort of smug, knowing looks that conveyed their complete comprehension of the photos’ complex hidden text.

Harmony was also selling a video of himself in O.J. Simpson blackface (with Johnny Depp as Kato Kalin) sticking his fingers up his ass and tap dancing. The asking price was approx. $12,000. The artist himself made an appearance, looking endearingly greasy and belligerent and spending most of his time pacing back and forth through the crowd with just the cutest look of disdain in his eyes. Then he was viciously sucker-punched (it may have been a set-up). A scuffle ensued and all the painfully thin beautiful girls with fixed scowls and perfect hair pulled out their tiny Panasonic digital cameras and started filming. Vive la cinematic revolucion!

Below are Harmony’s abstract deconstructions on the work of John Waters.

Mean: What are your feelings on Mr. Waters’ work?

Harmony Korine: The speech is pointless. The finger is speechless.

Mean: Do you have a favorite John Waters film?

Harmony Korine: All That Jazz. His portrayal of Bob Fosse was unbiased.

Mean: Who would you name as a cinema outlaw, someone you feel is creating original and imaginative work?

Harmony Korine: Steppin Fetchit.