Author Unknown / Dazed & Confused / 2002

The Charge?
Purveyor of real independent filmmaking, Korine’s vision is unique.

After writing Kids for Larry Clark when he was just nineteen, Korine wrote and directed Gummo and julien donkey-boy. He’s an auteur like no other, with a leaning towards the outsider and the dispossessed.

Likelihood of re-offending?

Who is your favourite rebel character?
“Freddie Prinze Sr. He was on a television series when I was quite young called Chico and the Man. Besides the moustache, I thought he resembled my father, but he was Spanish and his slacks were tighter. One day when I walked into school a good friend of mine told me that Chico had killed himself. He had blown his head off from the pressures he had. That same day my science teacher, this black woman with a jerry curl that dripped when she waddled to and from the chalkboard, who liked to teach the class on the basics of DNA, came up to me with a book on Mikhail Baryshnikov (a ballet dancer). She noticed that I was always jumping and leaping through the cafeteria and thought that I could relate. I was still very upset that Chico had shot off his brains, but the photos of Baryshnikov with his tights and slippers in mid-air served as a wonderful distraction. In retrospect I can see how smart she was for giving me the book because it showed that other men loved to leap as did I. I also have my theory that she was a fan of Freddie Prinze Sr. and that she was probably as upset as I was that Chico wouldn’t be on the television.”

Favourite rebel lyric/slogan/quote?
“Walter Benjamin, John Barth, Donald Barthelme, Roland Barthes, Laurence Sterne, Joyce, Proust, Wagner. All writers mainly. I also like Woodrow Wilson. I don’t like slogans. Only hippies dig slogans.”

What do you think is worth rebelling against?
“I don’t care about this sort of thing.”

Is it possible to be a true non-conformist?
“Again, this kind of question has little or no impact on the reader. Most will answer this in a snide or ironic way. It is a punk gesture to plead apathy always.”

Current Project?
“My strongest and most learned work of cinema to date, my most ambitious foray”