Carol Haiden / Aiken Elementry Girl Scout Newsletter / January 29, 2004

This is an interview I did with Harmony Korine on his birthday where he lives in his big treehouse in Nashville, TN. Harmony makes movies and writes and paints. He is a friend of my dad and he bought the most cookies from me in our troupe this winter.

Carol Haiden: What’s your name?

Harmony Korine: You know my name is Harmony Korine.

Haiden: [can't make out] I like your treehouse. Did you get to build it yourself?

Korine: I don’t understand the first part of your question. I did not build this treehouse. I bought this treehouse because it was the nicest one I could find. Your father built the majority of the frame but Winston put in the windows and furnace and he painted the fake brick and log exterior last August.

Haiden: What do you do with the days? Do you write still?

Korine: I do very little these days. I almost never read or listen to music, every once and while I’ll watch a movie in the theatres. I do less and less each day, almost no exercise at all. I did play your little brother a game of basketball at the YMCA the day before thanksgiving. Everytime he did a lay-up he would look at me and go “gobble, gobble.” Yes I do write most days. I found a script that I thought was burnt in the fire when my house burnt in connecticut, I thought I had lost it, I was unhealthy at the time and I could barely remember writing it, its about a boy who puts a saddle on his pig, he puts adhesive on the pigs hooves and rides it up the walls of his home in Germany. The pigs name is Trotsky. Im upset that I wrote such a thing and that the fire burnt the edges of the paper.

Haiden: How do you make money, do you have a job?

Korine: I’m not sure.

Haiden: You painted a book with Christopher Wool. How was that?

Korine: Christopher is a good friend and one of my very favorite painters. We made the book together under special circumstances.

Haiden: Do you ever wanna make a movie with someone like Johnny Depp?

Korine: I cant say.

Haiden: What stories today do you like?

Korine: Well the story you told me about how they kicked you out of the girlscouts for doing acid. I love that story, and I love that they re-instated your brownie status after you sold me 200 boxes of girl scout cookies. I told you before, when I first moved into this treehouse, that your father sold me my first hit of acid in the spring of 88′ up at dragon park. Thats when I threw Kara in the tarpit and got arrested. I used to love good blotter acid but I havent done it since high school and I think you should stay away and keep up the honor of troupe number whatever you are.

Haiden: Is there anything else you were hoping I was gonna ask you?

Korine: No.